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Learn HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

   Dec 01

Learn HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

I believe the UI technology adopted by the majority in the next generation of apps is going to be HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript?  This became apparent to me as I’ve adopted the various Sencha tooling and wrote a presentation titled “HTML5 for RPG programmers”.  One of the primary reasons it will survive is because it doesn’t care what’s on the server side for a language (much like it’s predecessors of HTML4, but even more so now).

Because of the power in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, many of the apps formerly relegated only to the desktop will now be written for the browser.  This means that one of the most highly valued skillsets in the next decade will be knowing how to appropriately use HTML5/CSS3/Javascript to develop web apps.

Today Jon Paris mentioned a sale that SitePoint is having where you can get three eBook PDF’s of some excellent titles dealing with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Mobile.  Do yourself a favor – invest in your future and order the titles at this URL at a crazy good deal:


Note it is only 1 day, so make sure to get over there TODAY!


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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the heads up! My order is in.

  2. Scott says:

    Day 2 is looking good too. Wish we knew what books were on the other days so that we could wisely spread the funds around.

  3. Brian Garland says:

    They have opened up all of their daily deals today. So, if you missed the deal on day one you can get it today. Or pick your own bundle by looking at day 22.

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