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RPG Open Access – It’s the perception IDIOT!

   May 06

RPG Open Access – It’s the perception IDIOT!

So this past week I was at COMMON conference.  My favorite thing about COMMON is the networking because most everybody I am wanting to touch base with is there.  Justin Porter, Brian May and myself (YiPs committee) were finally at the same conference all at once for the first time in 2 years!

During the conference I attended George Farr’s session where he introduced RPG Open Access (ROA) to COMMON attendees. 


Many people came to the door but had to turn away because there just wasn’t even any more standing room left.  People really wanted to learn about this new RPG focused technology named “Rational Open Access: RPG Edition” and how it could help them modernize their existing applications – how it could be a modernization path that didn’t involve jumping ship from RPG to another language. That’s when it hit me.  Even though many of us have been able to modernize with RPG for well over a decade, like BCD and Lansa stated in their formal press release ,  THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST TIMES IBM IS ACTUALLY, FORMALLY, SAYING THAT RPG IS A MODERNIZATION STRATEGY!

Now we officially have text and statements on IBM.com that show IBM believes RPG can still play a role in modernization.  To my knowledge we haven’t had this before (no, Visual Age RPG doesn’t count, nor does CGIDEV2).

Now, I fully recognize ROA is only and interface and it still requires work to be done by *somebody*, but, like Trevor Perry and others have stated, there hasn’t been buzz like this in the RPG space for a looooong time.  Let’s milk it for all it’s worth!


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  1. david says:

    Let’s get the price issue taken care of.

  2. aaronbartell says:


    Yep, that pricing is a bummer, but my first goal is to actually PURCHASE it which I haven’t been able to do YET! I have made my story known to a number of IBM’ers and some of them are looking into it. Does anybody know of ANY shop that has been able to purchase it yet?

  3. Jeff says:

    I am so envious of everyone that is there. I am excited to hear that ROA session was packed and to hear the buzz first hand from your blog. Thanks for the post!

    RPG is really a great language and it’s great to see it evolve, and yes, being a part of this modernization strategy out of the box with your power i system from IBM.

    Yeah, there is still that detail of working out the kinks with purchasing. Common sounds like a great forum to help address the issue.

  4. […] It seemed that RPG OA really did stir a lot of people, and Aaron talked further about it on his blog while attending […]

  5. These IBM gys are very smart. They open the WEB to RPG….. Is it anyone that wants to know my Company’s suggestion to IBM in May, 2008??? We can provide that….Just send us email with request.

  6. aaronbartell says:


    Why don’t you tell us some more about your solution here? I went to http://www.doma.it but couldn’t read it because I am an American (i.e. I am a single language layman ;-)

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