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JSEU (Java Source Entry Utility … for RPG)

   Jan 15

JSEU (Java Source Entry Utility … for RPG)

So it never ceases to absolutely amaze me what is out there in open source land.  For example, a gentleman recently commented on my blog entry concerning RPG Next Gen being a possible replacement for the now more-complicated-to-obtain RDi, and he (Mario) brought about another GUI RPG editor I haven’t even heard of.  The free and open source editor is named JSEU (Java Source Entry Utility) and can be found at http://jseu.sourceforge.net.   I will provide another review of it once I can actually get it fully working.  I was finally able to get it running (after reading the instructions ;-) but I can’t seem to figure out how to make a connection to my AS400.  I have posted a message on the support forum, but it appears as if spiders and cobwebs might be my only companion as the last post was 2006-11.

Makes me wonder if Mihael Schmidt (RPGNextGen author) and Derek Van Kooten (JSEU author) should combine forces and get to all of the endpoints we are hoping for much sooner.

Or maybe better yet we should see if MyEclipseIDE would be interested in not only competing with IBM in the RAD space with MyEclipseBlue but also produce a MyEclipse competitor for WDSC/RDi.  I think it will only be a matter of time before *something* from *some company* provides solid competition given how IBM is complicating our lives with their licensing/pricing.

BTW, I am typing this while it is -24 degrees Fahrenheit outside my basement window (not including wind chill).   Needless to say I have my legs running in place underneith my desk to keep warm.  I am even starting the practice of disassebling an electric blanket and then duct taping it to my body in the cold areas, and then I just plug it in right next to my crackberry and am kept warm – I just love Minnesota :-)

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  1. Tommy says:

    ok i downloaded the beta 9 version and the instructions on the website refers to a run.bat file in a lib.zip file…there is no lib.zip. what version did you download?

  2. aaronbartell says:

    Ah, it’s good to know I am not the only one who got lost. I will tell you how I found it. After you select the Download link on http://jseu.sourceforge.net it will take you to the sourceforge download page. Click on the jseu link under the Package column. This will expand out to other versions and the lib.zip is in beta6.

    I haven’t tried it on Windows yet so please let me know what you find. I was able to get it started on Linux but I can’t seem to create a connection, so that makes it pretty useless to me at this point.

  3. Tommy says:

    i got the system configured i haven’t played with it much…but to setup a connection go to the systems tab and double click on IP address, enter IP address, same for name, etc. then check the Connected box. i tinkered with it some but there’s just too many things missing IMO…an outline view, content assist, etc. i do like the if/endif connectors. it’s pretty darn fast as well. it’s lightweight enough that if someone were to add the missing features, etc it might be a good solution…

  4. Mihael says:

    JSEU: I don’t think that it really is an option. As far as I have read the forum entries there is no one maintaining that project. The developer who created the project left it years ago.

    But don’t understand me wrong. JSEU is nice and a more or less enhanced 5250 editor from the looks of it. It has some nice features (which I hopefully will add to RPG NG some day). If you can live with it? Ok. But you’ll get nothing more. No updates, no new features. No integration in/of other toolsets.

  5. aaronbartell says:

    I agree that it is not a long-term option but really more of a spot to gleam ideas and code for RPGNextGen.

  6. hey, This is the author of JSEU, Back in the day i got burnt out doing java ecommerce development, so i asked to switch to the RPG programmers group for a while. I worked in RPG for about a year and a half. I couldnt believe how bad the tools were. Have you actually used SEU on the as400??? holy crap, its painful. So, i started creating a simple editor to load in and save files, then as i had more time i added some more stuff. After a while though, i was moved back to doing java ecommerce, so, since i dont do any rpg work anymore there really isnt much interest on my side in doing an editor for rpg anymore. If you would like me to explain some details on some of the features, just ask. i’ll check the forums on jseu site.

  7. aaronbartell says:

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for responding. I think it would be great if we could take the best features from JSEU and add them to RPGNextGen. Both are open source so that should be a huge issue concerning IP. Thanks for responding. BTW, how did you find my blog?

    Aaron Bartell

  8. aaronbartell says:

    Per Derek’s instructions back on jseu.sourceforge.net I was able to get connected. I also wanted to share how to modify the run.bat file for Linux. Basically create a run.sh file in the same directory as all of the .jar files, make it executable, and then paste this content into it:

    java -cp ./:jseu.jar:jbcl.jar:jt400.jar:jui400.jar:ohio.jar:uitools.jar:util400.jar:xerces.jar org.dav.jseu.FrameJSEU

  9. Starcom says:

    I try it on Mac OS X Leopard but I don’t know how to run it properly.
    My user profile hasn’t admin rights because it’s a computer of my job.
    The only one way that allow me to run it is:
    – Create a jseu directory in my user profile with all files (jseu.jar and jar files contained in the lib.zip)
    – Open a console
    – Change directory to the jseu folder
    – Type the command line: java -cp ./:jseu.jar:jbcl.jar:jt400.jar:jui400.jar:ohio.jar:uitools.jar:util400.jar:xerces.jar org.dav.jseu.FrameJSEU

    JSEU can be connected correctly on my Iseries but it is impossible to create a project. I reach the dialog asking a project name but finally, no project is created.

    -Sorry for my bad english, I’m french. I’m a beginner in OsX and I don’t know Linux… –

  10. Starcom says:

    I experiment an error when opening a RPGLE source member.
    Message is [SQL0204] SYSCOLUMNS type *FILE not found in *LIBL.

    Did someone know why ?

    I’ve tried to add QSYS2 wich contain a file named SYSCOLUMNS to my Lib List. But the error is always here.

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