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$98 laptop – Almost too tempting to resist

   Sep 04

$98 laptop – Almost too tempting to resist

I must say it is amazing what they can put together these days for a very small price.  A company named HiVision (China I believe) recently released a laptop that you can buy for $98 and it allows you to have a Linux of WinCE OS along with WiFi (and FireFox) along with a bunch of other applications.  You can check out a video at the following URL: http://techvideoblog.com/ifa/98-linux-laptop-the-hivision-mininote

I am tempted to buy one for novelty sake and to have something in the kitchen for looking up recipes because I cook so much ;-)  This would also make a great tool to have “in the can” so a guy can do his daily reading.  Actually, they should just start mounting them on public bathroom stall doors.  Come to think of it, why don’t they have ads on the inside of stall doors?  What else would a guy be doing for 15 minutes other than stare at an ad.  Well, I am digressing now.  Just go buy a laptop and put it in your bathroom.

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